EST. 2009

February 20, 2014

That 1996th Sense

1996 FOR ME WAS FILLED WITH audio and visuals of the Spice Girls, playing nearly on loop on MTV all summer long. The year to me was abundant with the touch of plasticky patent, manufactured into stack-heeled loafers or fluorescent mini-knapsacks. The air was rife with the scent of nail polish and remover, and my mouth was stuffed with burgers and fries from McDonald's.

It was a fun year, 1996. With the bizarre fashion aside and not having a boyfriend while suffering endless infatuations, 12 was a good age to be an awkward pop-music fan hoping to be invited to a party. Nearly two decades later, what I hear, see, taste, touch and smell no longer count pop music, nail polish or junk food. 1996 is now but a memory, and a new bottle of perfume.

A collaboration between Byredo's Ben Gorham and fashion photographers Inez and Vinoodh, 1996 employs the duo's own Kirsten 1996 photograph as artwork and inspiration for the scent. Cherry-lipped and hollow-eyed, the soft, haunting image echoes the soft, haunting fragrance of juniper berries, orris, patchouli, black amber and vanilla; a hypnotic journey from sight to scent.

Personally, 1996 brings to mind my own journey of 13 going 30. What was 1996 like for you?

1996 Inez and Vinoodh Eau de Parfum by Byredo Parfums, Photos by Lady San Pedro.