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October 1, 2013

That Soft Focus

HAVING WORKED A SIGNIFICANT BULK OF MY TWENTIES in advertising, I am no stranger to the oft-imposed, oft-unnecessary approach of hard-selling products and services. There exists usually a divide, between those in the creative side and those in the marketing side, with regards to tonality of communication: should words and images scream, trumpeting a PowerPoint list of benefits? Or should they confidently hush and subtly provoke?

Naturally, the decision to sell hard or soft differs from brand to brand, product to product, season to season and service to service. One style does not fit all. But simply seeing things from a consumer's perspective, do we really need to hear or see another overt piece of communication? Do we really need to groan over another pop-up ad, banner ad, YouTube, Facebook, billboard or TV ad, tooting and touting how excellent or affordable something is?

I've personally never liked being sales-talked into things, which perhaps affects my own responses as a consumer, as well as my preferred approach as a professional in my industry. At the end of the day, for both professionals and consumers alike, there is already enough noise in our online and offline environments that just maybe, we don't need another catchy or clever ad popping out to grab our attention.

But wait. There's more! In light of random, personal musings over contrasting approaches to selling, allow me to share a refreshingly soft-sell campaign from Carven, with imagery in soft focus no less.

I'm genuinely desiring a Carven coat right now.

Carven A/W 2013 campaign. Images from