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July 3, 2013

This July en Vogue

FROM SMS TO EMAIL TO WHITE MAIL and all over town, I've been plagued with end-of-season sale promotions that I had so far been very strong to resist. July has been off to a good start! How have you fared?

If however, you're an illustration enthusiast like myself, it may be hard for you to resist Condé Nast Collection's 20% Off Everything sale, ongoing until 5th July. Above is a selection of Vogue July covers from as early as 1913, featuring illustrations by Eduardo García Benito, Harriet Meserole, Helen Dryden, Georges Lepape, George Wolfe Plank and Cecil Beaton. Presented by, the cover reproductions are available as giclees or stretch canvas prints in a range of sizes and framing options.


Vogue July issue covers available on