EST. 2009

June 22, 2013

That Back Story

NOTHING SAYS "FOLLOW ME" LIKE A REFORMATION DRESS. From flashing slivers of skin to leaving just slivers to the imagination, the slips and shifts make up for their fabric deficiency with enough sensuality to attract a literal, offline following. Think Penelope Cruz's barrage of trailing men in Woman on Top.

It is with much regret that I accept never having these particular garments graze my little body, mainly for the brand's large-to-size fit, but also for my spine's creative curvature. As if one curve isn't enough, it decided over time to curve in two places, leaving my back shaped like an "S." Avant-garde!

But if you are free of sizing or spinal issues, consider shifting the statement from the front to the often-neglected back. Even though you can't see them, admiring glances should trail your way.

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