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February 18, 2013

Those Top Finds

ON THE TOP SHELF OF MY WARDROBE, high above where my outstretched arms could reach, I keep a stash of trash and treasures accumulated from youth, work and travel. Those from youth are aged and fragile, those from work provide me valuable documentation, and those from travel are usually still fresh in their unopened packaging. It feels almost symbolic, their being up there; precious despite disarray and far from accessibility. I need a purpose, and a stool, to reach them.

But when I do look up there, it's always an inspiring rediscovery. This book is one such, which I picked up some time ago. I can't remember exactly where, but the currency on the price tag serves as a clue, and fortunately for this wild guesser, it's not in Euros.

Fashion, illustration and theatrics on crisp, pocket-sized pages, the Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book features previously unpublished sketches by the French designer. Browsing its selection of cultural and theatrical costumes couldn't be anymore timely right now, with my city still on Carnival mode and my mid-winter well of inspiration feeling somewhat frozen.

Spotlight-stealing fabulosity, this one's sure to inspire:

Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book by Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent.