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December 18, 2012

That Merry Madrid

LAST WEEKEND WE HOPPED ON A TRAIN to Madrid for some important to-do's you could only do in the capital city. What awaited anyway was a much more festive flair to accompany the much chillier air than down here in Barcelona. Perhaps the sunshine and inherent vie boheme of Catalonia overpower traditional holiday elaborations, however many there are.

Best thing for me about going to Madrid from here is the relatively wider variety of, and easier accessibility to, tablaos, classical art and yes, churros. Churros!!! Not once have I actually seen a local in Barcelona munching on those delectable choux curvatures, simply because churrerías are not at all numerous in this region, save for a sprinkling of stalls in the tourist zones.

And so, in place of a hotel breakfast, I gleefully had my churros for desayuno, for the very first time since moving to Spain. Consumed mainly in winter and eaten with hot chocolate traditionally at the dawn of Año Nuevo, there's no way I would have waited another three weeks. It feels like winter now anyway. 'Tis the season.

Around Huertas and Puerta del Sol, Madrid. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Mia said...

This looks absolutely yum!!!

Princess Tatiana said...

Hello again Lady, just in case you still haven't found good churros on Barcelona, I went to one in the Barri Gotic called Xurreria de Xocolate – I couldn't tell you which street it was though, I kept getting lost. Anyway, they came in paper cones and you paid by weight. They were delicious! :)