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November 28, 2012

Those Pieces d'Anarchive

BEHIND THE ELEGANTLY EDGY Piece d'Anarchive are three women: D├ęborah Royer, Priscilla Royer, Virginie Muys, and three core concepts: piece, archive and anarchy. Piece pertains to each item or garment as rare and precisely crafted. Archive echoes French savoir faire, the creative tradition and artistry. Anarchy, perhaps most prominent in the label's name, "stands for the desire to juxtapose universes, mix codes and twist materials."

Reflected in each piece, and in each of the collections so far as a whole, is a a restrained pushing of boundaries. Sportif elements, for example, co-exist with more feminine shapes, all within the same snuggly-slim dress. And yet, it looks wearable, comfortable, both for the girl who sits prim in the back of a cab and the one who breezes by on a bike.

Nowadays, it's harder and harder to categorize ourselves as being just one or the other; prim in a cab or free on a bike. If anarchism can be said to mean the juxtaposing of universes and mixing of codes, maybe we're all a bit anarchistic after all.

Pieces from Piece d'Anarchive A/W 2012,