EST. 2009

November 12, 2012

That Additive Subtraction

IN THE FLUORESCENT JUNGLES that characterize Carnovsky's RGB are disparate worlds one can see when filtered with additive colors R, G or B. The design duo's JaguarShoes installation, for example, displays a diverse animal kingdom when viewed under red light. When the light is switched to green, the animals disappear, revealing instead, a lush vegetative forest. When the light is blue, all previous flora and fauna fade, giving way to what looks like a cacophony of apes in the night.

The natural world serves as a recurring theme for Carnovsky but their subject matter is not limited to such. For their Le Metamorfosi installation, human form is presented with contrasting symbolism. A somewhat virile muscular system is shown alongside snakes and reptiles, symbols associated with danger or death. Under a different colored light, a corpse-like skeletal system is accompanied by upright blossoms, alternately suggesting life.

The isolation of imagery via R, G and B proves to be the fascinating feature of RGB. But this does not, in any way, diminish the artistry of the images as they appear in natural light. The layers in their multi-color, multi-layer presentation are remarkable artworks on their own.

I would love to experience this in person. Please come to Barcelona!

RGB by Carnovsky's Francesco Rugi and Silva Quintanilla,