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July 12, 2012

That Fab Frug

FOR AN INTERVIEW I DID SOME TIME AGO, I had been asked a question I'd been asked by Terry Jones too, in relation to wearing heels: where did I learn to walk in them?

As a little Broadway baby in my teens, I joined a production of Sweet Charity; a swinging 60's Fosse extravaganza, where we were made to traipse and trot and frug in stilettos day in and day out. The director thought it crucial that we rehearsed in the pointy-heeled pumps right from the start, so that come showtime, they would feel as natural to us as they would to the characters we were playing.

A number that really made an impression on me, from the utterly fun-filled show I had never heard of before, was that of modish ladies and gents doing the frug in neat black and white attire. Pity I wasn't in it. But the rest of us who made up the "Big Spender" bunch, we learned it anyway.

To frug: (pronounced "froog"). How could you resist?

"Rich Man's Frug" from Sweet Charity, 1969. Directed by Bob Fosse.