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June 25, 2012

That Profundity and Brooding

"ONE CANNOT DISTINGUISH THE THOUGHT FROM THE WORDS THAT EXPRESS IT." My greatest challenge with using a third language late in my 20's is being able to think consistently in the language. 28 years of living in Manila has influenced my thoughts to be in English or Tagalog, leaving me now with the burden of translating words in my head when I should think in Spanish from the start.

Of course, there's the lack of confidence too, which serves as the biggest impediment of all. Am I saying things right? Do I sound funny?

This morning, still frustrated over Sunny's last grooming appointment gone in shambles, I called a new groomer I found online, to inquire about their transport services to my part of town. It was by far my most successful phone conversations in Spanish yet, employing inquiry, exchange, setting of expectations and making agreements. Best of all, I had memorized my phone number, after two months of having had to pause and read it out of my phone. Not the most impressive achievement, but one of the most useful ones for any new kid in town.

Perhaps my head was in the right place for once. Or perhaps, Sunny has grown way too stinky for me to bother overthinking grammar and speech.

Task well done, if only I hadn't completely forgotten to schedule for Kitty too. So much for having one's head in the right place.

Vivre sa vie : film en douze tableaux, 1962. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard.