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February 14, 2012

That Sweet Valentine Baby

TODAY IS VALENTINE'S DAY AND ALSO SUNNY'S BIRTHDAY! It's a shame this sweet, pretty, stinky dog will have to turn three away from us, though we are sure she's having a blast, being with Kitty Bang Bang, while being in the company of many new puppy friends at the pet hotel.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Sunny! That means Happy Birthday over here in what will be yours and Kitty's new home! Yes, we've found one, with a huge terrace for you to terrorize and stairs to boggle your bungalow sensibilities.

To everyone else, ¡Feliz San Valentín! May you have loved ones in your hearts, however near or far.

Sunny in January 2012, after clearing out the old White House.


Anonymous said...

My Dad's name is Sunny and I have a golden retriever named Mandy.. I love dogs!!! Happy Valentines and Happy birthday Sunny!! ♥

Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks Honey! Happy Valentine's Day to you!