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January 10, 2012

Those Paintings in Waiting

AN END IN SIGHT FOR A NIGHT OF BEGINNINGS. I am so not good at this whole events business and really it was ambitious for us to take on it ourselves, along with everything else needed to launch an exhibit. Not to mention flaring and flailing tempers between family members. Hey, it's bound to happen at some point.

Nonetheless tonight is the night and I wish I could say -and do- relax after all of this is done. But it's really just another check in the long list that is January and I'm surprised to be reminded it's only been ten days since the year began.

Music, check. Thank You cards, check. Dress, check. Now what to do about my neglected toes?

Genesis pre-show at ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Lady San Pedro said...

Thank you! I needed that! :-)