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January 14, 2012

Those Bowler Hats and History Lessons

ON A DRIZZLY RIZAL DAY, we took a lovely walk that way with Carlos Celdran. The old walled city of Intramuros, while not instantly picturesque, echoed of a bleak, colorful and golden past that we locals tend to take for granted. Anyone for Pearl of the Orient or Paris on the Prairie?

It was a lovely afternoon too, spent with friends old and new, eager to take in some heritage before a generous intake of pancit, kare-kare and salsa monja, amongst other much enjoyed sides and courses at dinner in the Legardas' ancestral home.

Kudos to Lara Santico, pictured above, for spotting the rainbow.

Rizal Day at Intramuros, Manila, December 30, 2011. Carlos Celdran tour information at Photos by Lady San Pedro.