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January 31, 2012

That Grit and Glamor

ON THE ONE HAND, there is grit. On the other, glamor. A most interesting place it is, this native city of mine. One whose peculiar, problematic, splendid and surprising characteristics require thoughtfulness and understanding to be appreciated.

A most interesting place it is, this native city of mine. One that, after inhabiting for 27 years, I leave for the very first time. But I need not miss it, for its qualities I shall take with me: of eating too much, drinking too much, singing and dancing too much, laughing too much, crying too much, giving, taking and spending too much, wanting too much, loving too much, living too much, all and even while having very little.

Excess and extreme. It's our worst quality, it's our best quality. Who knows really?

There's no stopping a Manila girl from being one. However adapted or changed I may ever seem to be, you'll see; as soon as an 80's minus-one ballad comes on, just try taking that microphone away from me.

Native Terno with laser-cut sleeves by Barbie Alvez, photographed by Dan Douglas Ong. Image from Urban landscapes by Neal Oshima, Piolo Pascual and Angel Aquino photographed by Juan Caguicla, backdrop illustration by Christina Dy.


Mia B. said...

What a well-written tribute, this post about our native city of ours. :)

Makes me miss it! Yes, no matter where we are-- we will always be Manila girls!

Unknown said...

Oh My gosh lady so happy for you!
and I love this post.

Yes, you will, more often times, catch yourself mocking it, questioning it, pity it, but always appreciate it. We (Pinoys) are very unique individuals that we always shine — brought about by what we gone thru as a nation...that's why we also have awesome artists with good art!!!

take care! and advanced happy bday.. its your year to shine !!