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December 31, 2011

These Beginnings

TEN DAYS TO GO! Keeping me busy all month, employing every bit of my not-so-free time off employment, the show has required me to be writer, designer, coordinator, runner, promoter, web designer and consultant, all while being daughter to an artist and artist's wife.

A month well spent, a month well done.

Genesis is my father's second one-man-show since retirement, an aggressive and remarkable leap I believe from his more subtle first exhibit in 2009.

The show re-imagines the Hebrew story of creation, depicting the narrative through a gradual transition from abstract to fully realistic. Expect the first few creation days of light, space, sea and sky in abstract, then the succeeding formations of land, beasts and sea creatures in an increasingly almost-photographic rendition.

Genesis marks beginnings for me too, happening just before Jaime, the pets and I are set to end this chapter lived in our bright, white Manila home to begin a new one somewhere beyond the sea. In leaving Manila, I had also left advertising -possibly momentarily, but who knows- in a charmed career that has defined me for the past five years.

What now? Do I paint and take after my father? Do I attempt to rekindle my love for theater? Do I do nothing and for once just gallivant, flounder, leave it be and live?

It's not easy to wait and see. But when you've lived all your life as if you were running out of time, maybe it's good to pause and realize that a break is not necessarily a waste. There's plenty of time and plenty more opportunities. After all, Julia Child didn't discover her French culinary calling until she was almost 50. That gives me 23 years.

Here's to beginnings!

Genesis runs from January 10-22 at ArtistSpace, Ayala Museum, Makati Avenue corner De la Rosa Street, Makati, Metro Manila. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Victoria said...

Yay that gives me twice my current lifetime to find my calling! Hahaha! Happy New Year Lady! Thank you again for hosting us (albeit not voluntarily hahaha!). 2012 looks to be very exciting for you! :)

Btw, to stay true to my resolution (since it's only January 2 after all!), here's where I update now (if I even update at all hehe)--

Lady San Pedro said...

You're welcome! And for the non-voluntariness, I expect Marco to buy our couch... haha.

Congratulations, good luck, and happy new year Vicky! I expect posts from confettidiary!