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October 12, 2011

That Teatime with Tadao Ando

HIGH TEA AT THE CONNAUGHT IN MAYFAIR comes instantly with a plus, having Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Tadao Ando's Silence built around two trees just in front of the hotel. Commissioned by Grosvenor and The Connaught, Silence is part of a street improvement project that gives as much importance to spaces in-between buildings as the buildings themselves.

The pool contains shallow water over a bed of fibre optic lenses, as well as atomizers that release mist for fifteen seconds every fifteen minutes.

Not the most comforting sight on a rainy London afternoon.

Inside, warm and toasty, some scones, tea, enthusiastic servers, a thoroughly disinterested Jaime and way too much sandwich and cake.

And not enough young people.

Am I the only non-geriatric who enjoys this?

High tea at The Connaught, and Silence by Tadao Ando and Blair Associates. Photos by Lady San Pedro.