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October 4, 2011

That Mulberry Bush

FROM THE BRITISH LEATHER GOODS COMPANY which, after turning 40 this year, still believes in tea and cake, everlasting love and fairy tales -they said so themselves!- an old classic and a new creation in their more compact, undersized versions.

I find myself getting drawn more and more to the smart, quirky character of British design. With so much real and imagined youth existing around me at work and elsewhere, severely grown-up styles are beginning to feel, well, severe.

Cherry-toned Polly, be mine.

Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchels and Polly Push Lock in regular and small,


Mia B. said...

Hay, I've been dreaming of a Mulberry for a long time. I wonder if I'll ever get my hands on one. :s

Anonymous said...

Omg I waaaaannnntttt! I want it all!!!! <3