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October 29, 2011

That Cat Chow

CAT-FEARING, VIRGIN-PREYING, LIFE-SUCKING creatures from ancient times, Stephen King's Sleepwalkers, when not in their monstrous forms, are actually quite attractive, seductive and a little bit kooky.

I watched this movie over a hundred times as a child and though the effects are very much outdated today, I still count it as an all-time favorite, for its simplicity, watchability and abundance of heroically-portrayed kitty cats. When in reality they don't give a damn, the Egyptians seem to have hailed from a time when cats had a purpose, other than terrorizing the household.

What will you protect me from Kitty Bang Bang?

Nothing I guess. But can you at least protect me from yourself?

Stephen King's Sleepwalkers
, 1992. Directed by Mick Garris.