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July 14, 2011

That Blue-Box Breakfast

SESAME NOIR. Two words that define my new-found weak spot. Bribe me with them and I'm yours!

Until Ladurée finds itself in Southeast Asia, Le Goûter Bernardaud's are, to me, the next best thing. If not the other best thing.

Conveniently located in Hong Kong's IFC, the salon de the shares the same lane as Prada and Tiffany & Co. while being just a quick walk away from airport express so you can pick up your pastries and fly them back fresh.

Framboise, chocolat amer, caramel au beurre salé and sesame noir with Marks & Spencer tea packaged in Stuart Kolakovic illustrations. Breakfast is served!

Le Goûter Bernardaud macarons, Marks & Spencer Calming Infusion tea. Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Vicky G said...

Hi! Your photos are really wonderful! They have this distinct color/hue that's not overbright but still vivid :) do you photoshop your photos or it's a great combo of natural light + great camera? :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks! My more recent shots, I took with a Sony Alpha Nex-5 then increase contrast in Photoshop by at least 40%.

These particular shots were taken under the amazing natural light in our kitchen, haha.