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June 9, 2011

Those Grown-Up Barbies

MANY OF US GREW UP WITH BARBIE. Isn't it refreshing to see her all grown up like us?

Released in spring of 2010, the LBD-wearing dolls presented Barbie at her chicest. Possessing the Model/Muse body sculpt which is both thinner and more detailed than the regular Barbie doll, each of the 12 dolls are made with a unique head mold and finished with varying skin tones to reflect ethnic diversity.

Belonging to the Black Label collection, the line is for adult collectors only with a minimum age limit of 14. Barbie Basics dolls are also the first doll line and retail product to bear the CFDA's logo on its boxes.

Today, the Barbie Basics dolls go on sale at $10 each at Gilt Groupe.

Model no.1, no.4, no.5 and no. 11 for me please!

Barbie Basics Collector Dolls by Mattel's Bill Greening. Available at Gilt Groupe, Sale ends 6/13 9am PHT.