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June 28, 2011

That Stay-Home Swank

I REMEMBER BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL, how I'd longingly picture myself spending random weeknights of my adulthood this way; having a dapper guest over at a dapper place, some nice dinner, music, conversation and a great dress.

Except I'm in a ratty T-shirt that isn't even mine, having just finished eating last night's reheated leftovers and currently thinking about having some toast with peanut butter and jelly.

I need some glamor in my life.

A Single Man, 2009. Directed by Tom Ford.


Mia B. said...

You and me both!

I would like to look like Julianne Moore-- a Filipino, non-redhead version.

Or better yet, have Tom Ford art direct every single frame of our lives-- even the ratty T-shirt PBJ nights (or in my case, shrunken tee and ratty book nights) will look like they were visited by Glamor herself.