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June 1, 2011

That Long Black, Flat White

REMEMBER WHEN WE WENT BY OUR DAYS without any coffee? Then we started, with fancy frappes and flavored lattes, until we just finally went simple, for as long as we get it the same time everyday?

Smoking, over the past year, I may just have given up naturally. But coffee, despite its ill effects on my sleeping patterns and hydration levels, is just too good to not end every lunch with. Or sip on at work in the drowsy afternoon drag. Or indulge in on extra early mornings. Or. Resort to when you got yourself drunk over three measly martinis the night before.

Ah, coffee.

Now where can I get me that asymmetric high-slit number?

Haider Ackermann editorial from Bon Magazine. Photographed by Johan Sandberg,


amischmashedlife said...

Haider Ackermann-- love!! Oh and yes, coffee- I feel the same way. Having one right now :)