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April 6, 2011

Those Memory Exercises

KEEPING IN MY CURRENT THEME, some art from Barcelona-born Jordi Boldo.

Ensayos de la Memoria serves as a review of the past, an exercise in introspection and an attempt to recover what has been forgotten by means of intuition. Boldo uses art but we can all simply take a moment to stop what we are doing, stop what we are thinking and just remember. Anything. Anything at all.

What do you recall the most?

Ensayos de La Memoria by Jordi Boldo, Artist's site at


Mia B. said...

Should I attempt to do the same thing, I imagine my work would be like this-- but a lot more abstract.

Thank God I have you and Chelo to remember in more definite detail. Goodbye, Boston memories.

Lady San Pedro said...

Wahahaha! Don't worry, I'll remind you that you chopped off your hair in Boston in April 2011.

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