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April 24, 2011

That Good Egg, That Bad Egg

AND THIS BITTER EGG. I had always been a big loser at egg hunts as a child. It's not something I attribute to my having been tiny or athletically challenged but to my having been consistently outnumbered by hordes of yayas or nannies who accompanied other little brats that joined the hunts.

And I'm not talking about one nanny per kid. Some would have up to five or six scouring the grounds for one child who would, naturally, have a greater chance at getting the golden egg.

It was never really fair. But in the true essence of Easter, today I shall let it go. Forgive the Veruca Salts of the world and forget those feelings of having been cheated, mistreated. Whether or not they took place at an egg hunt.

In many points in our lives, there will always be a time when we are made to feel small. But reminding ourselves to keep a good heart, and remembering to be loving and true to those who matter, reaps the best prize of all.

Happy Easter!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 1971. Directed by Mel Stuart. Starring Gene Wilder.


amischmashedlife said...

Hi Lady! Came across your blog just now and loved it! It's clean and uncluttered yet brimming with interesting bits and pieces. Glad to have discovered it. Hope you're having a great Easter Sunday!


Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks Mikka! Welcome to my blog! :-) Thank you for the kind words and the greeting. And Happy Easter to you too!

Mike Son said...

hay, this can be said about the utaws here in HBS, lads. wish we also had a contraption to weed out the bad eggs from the good ones. (and hopefully i'll make it through.) ;) miss you! happy easter! mmwah! :-*