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February 23, 2011

That Mélange

ONE GREAT THING THAT COMES WITH maintaining a blog is the self-imposed pressure you get to constantly find new resources online and off. And oh the joy it brings to make a new discovery, even if it's the nth one.

And oh the convenience it provides to not have to think up any thoughts or dig up any feelings worth writing about, allowing you to just grab as many pictures as you please, type up a fancy-sounding title that really just means "mixture" and then go get ready for zzzz.

From LACMA, some wonderful collections of images from different periods in time, as well as different corners of the globe.

The theme-less, threadless hodgepodge I'm feeling today: Costumes de Différent Pays, 'Femmes d'Issinie Pilant du Riz' by Labrousse. Le Chat by Felicien Victor Joseph Rops. Detail from Portrait of a Scholar-Official in a Pink Robe from Korea, Joseon dynasty. Untitled Sketch of Turkish Dress from England circa 1700-1750. Horses by Franz Marc. Millinery Print from France 1909. Le Parterre de l'Odeon. L'auterur!...Ces't moi! by Hónore Daumier. Nagoya Castle by Kawase Hasui. Fashion Sketch 'Style #78' by Rudi Gernreich. Maharana Sangram Singh II Hunting Tigers from India, Rajasthan, Mewar, Udaipur, South Asia. L'Artiste by Felicien Victor Joseph Rops. Pictures of Flowers and Birds by Okamoto Shuki.

All images from LACMA Collections Online,