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January 30, 2011

That Singular Sensation

PASTEL + HIGH-CUT + AMAZING JAZZ and the spongiest 80's hair make for one guilty pleasure of a movie. Throw in a young, handsome Michael Douglas as a hot-headed director and you can almost forgive the too-big-for-film Broadway acting style that the rest of the cast couldn't seem to tone down.

Life is one constant audition. You give your all in hopes of being a star somewhere, somehow.

But the best kind is when you're a star to someone. And when you are, you realize that it's all you really need.

A Chorus Line, 1985. Directed by Richard Attenborough.


Mia B. said...

This adaptation was so bad. What was the point of putting it on film if it was just going to look like the stage version?

And then they took out "Music & the Mirror" and put in that weird song... "Let me dance for you... let me *something*". Yeah, the director should've stuck to playing the remorseful septuagenarian dinosaur amusement park owner.

Oh... good luck on getting "God, I hope I get it! I hope I get it!" out of your head. Hahaha

Lady San Pedro said...

Wahahaha, it was so terrible, reminiscent of our Fame production back in 2001.

"Let me dance for you" was so painfully bad. It didn't even fit in with the rest of the music! And she's an amazing dancer but sorry, she doesn't "got the look" to be the leading lady!

But I love all the dancing in spandex tanga!!! Winner.