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January 5, 2011

That Destination

WHERE TO GO IN 2011? Expect Tablet to get you believing that you can live out any childhood fantasy with destinations that seem to have popped out of an epic tale.

Inside of me is an Indian princess waiting to be released.

Take me to the Taj Lake Palaaaace!!!

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India, Book at Tablet Hotels,


Fé... said...

Wow... I've seen the ad of Taj hotel before, but not in detailed photos like these. Truly marvelous. Staying there would make you feel like a true Indian Princess :p Such an inspiring travel idea. Thanks for posting!

Lara Santico said...

Lady, I think you've figured out where we're traveling to next.

Nille said...

Wow. That's stunning! Hope you realize this dream, Lady :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Fé, it looks marvelous indeed!

Lar, let's look into it!

Nille, thanks! I hope so too :-)

Anonymous said...

Unless you have a DeLorean to take you back to 2010, then it might be a little too late for a this :) hehe

Ms.S said...

I was checking this spot couple years back!
beautiful! they have restored most of the original furniture etc.