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January 17, 2011

That 4-hour Lunch

FROM FIDDLEHEAD FERN TO FERMENTED RICE TO MUSCOVADO SUGAR CUBES. The ten glorious courses of creatively concocted PampangueƱo fare at artist Claude Tayag's wooden house was an experience worth the drive, the 4-hour gluttony and the resulting belly bloat.

With the lady of the house introducing each dish's history and heritage, as well as the artist himself conducting a post-lunch tour of his workshop and 2nd-floor living quarters, Bale Dutung deserves a pushpin as a notable destination for any lover of food, art and culture.

It's got one of mine!

Bale Dutung, Angeles City, Pampanga. Visit the website at Photos by Lady San Pedro.


Unknown said...

I want to eat here!!

kinako said...

hello there. thank you for the friendly visit. this looks like an awesome place to eat. will be back to see more!

Roxy Te said...

Hi love! Oh my gosh you are so pretty and together with your bf so stinkin' cute! I just discovered your blog and got so excited because I see you're from the Philippines! I'm Filipina too but was raised here in the states. I love following blogs that bring me back to the homeland hahah Please share more pics of the islands :) Cheers to the weekend, darling! Roxy