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November 27, 2010

Those Golden Rules for Shoe Care

WHO BETTER TO LOOK TO FOR SHOE CARE than the brand built by an Italian who began making shoes at age nine?

Bonito-born Salvatore Ferragamo first made shoes for his sisters to wear at their confirmation. He then studied a year of shoemaking, put up a home-based store and worked at a cowboy boot factory before moving on to California where he built a reputation as Shoemaker to the Stars. Thirteen years later, he moved back to Italy where he opened his Via Mannelli workshop and designed shoes for the wealthiest, most powerful women of the time.

The rest is history.

While passion for creation belongs to the creator, the rest of us exhibit passion in beholding the end result. And while purchase is the first step to possession, maintenance must dominate the rest. After all, what is passion without constant care?

A lot can be learned about a person just by looking at their shoes; their profession, their status, their lifestyle and personality. Had they just walked a mile or stepped off a chauffered car? Are they headed for a casual encounter or a fancy affair? Do they like to be active or do they prefer to be attractive?

Our shoes give away our qualities. But most important to look for in a person's shoes is how well they are kept. No matter how old or battered, there is always respect in a tidy, polished pair.

What do your shoes say about you?

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great article!!
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