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November 20, 2010

That Hard Light

WE HAD TO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL that feelings are fleeting and are not to be trusted. However natural our feelings come to us, we must always rely on our reason to determine our every action and perception.

It's tricky though. Things never quite appear the same to us at every given time. In the same way the sun casts a different shadow on a face at different times of the day, so does the mind cast a different understanding of something at different points in life. What may have seemed right back then may not be quite right now and what doesn't seem quite right now may be right again tomorrow.

Maybe the trick is to choose which light we'd like to see things in. And hope in our inherent goodness that we choose the right one.

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga sees beauty in bike parts. Fashioning them together to form decorative pieces, she proves that even the most lifeless and functional things can be illuminated into something very precious.

When it gets tough, try it in another light.

Chandeliers by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga,