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November 10, 2010

That Good Food

LAST NIGHT WE WERE SERVED FAST FOOD and as it was getting late and I was starving, I ate it, hated it and absolutely regret it.

I didn't always dislike junk food, in fact I used to almost live on it. That was until the fabulous Rio Jorolan indirectly introduced me to the concept of healthy eating and I've been so thankfully conscious of what I eat ever since.

Of course, she has her own personal food choices and I have mine. For me it's basically an avoidance of anything blatantly processed, and an adherence to the old Go-Grow-Glow formula, with the addition of alcoholic beverage and dessert.

Living in the Philippines where people eat rice and ulam for breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner, I get asked a lot if I'm on a diet.

No. I'm not on a diet.

But I would choose a deli sandwich over a burger, a slice of cake over candy, real juice over concentrate, home-cooked ramen over instant, baked anything over fried, fresh ingredients over a mix, and I would -on any day- rather eat Crispy Pata than a bag of chips. Of course sometimes I have both. But point is, I eat well. Very well. And I guess I am in fact on a diet.

A balanced one.

What kind are you on?

Paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo,


The Fabulous Rio Jorolan said...

Woohoo! I love this entryyyy! Hehehe!

And woohoo! Saw those paintings in Paris!! <3

WHEN WILL WE SEE YOU?! Let's eat good food soon!

Lady San Pedro said...

Let's eat something French ;-D

Or if we're really gonna promote healthy eating, let's go Corner Tree Cafe or I wanna try Bistro Vert! Vegetarian/sustainable food!

Are you free on Monday night???

April said...

This entry just made me hit rock bottom for I just stuffed my face with takeaway kfc-wannabe chicken and chips. But I'm afraid I'd choose a bag of cheesy chips over baked potatoes, both a slice of cake and candy, ice cream over frozen yoghurt, the list goes on. Must get a hold of Rio Jorolan maybe? Lol I like your idea of not being on a diet but simply having a balanced meal. I should give that one a go. Thanks :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Aw, junk food once in a while is fine, for as long as majority of your food choices are relatively healthy :-) Your skin, health and figure will thank you for it! Haha