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October 17, 2010

Those Dream Spaces

IN THE SHARED STUDY BETWEEN OUR SUITES, amongst our fabulous island hostess Helena Mander's delightful assortment of books, was a large hardbound entitled Jeremiah, featuring on the cover, artist Jeremiah Goodman, and inside, his dreamlike interior portraits.

Producing over fifty years' worth of artworks for countless design magazines, the modest selection of images above do his repertoire little justice. With luminaries Greta Garbo, Yves Saint Laurent, Diana Vreeland, Cecil Beaton and the Duchess of Windsor amongst his patrons, you'd think there would be more material about him online.

Unfortunately, Googling his name brings up neither a dedicated website nor a Wikipedia article, and art sites would display very few images of his work.

I suppose that keeps it exclusive?

Interior portraits by Jeremiah Goodman. Images from