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June 5, 2010

That Voyeurism and The Gown

MIGHT HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE SUSPENSEFUL IN ITS OWN TIME but Hitchcock's Rear Window is one fine film that ultimately poses the question: are we voyeuristic by nature?

We may not spy on our neighbors as characters Jeff and Lisa do but we are a nation of TV and film watchers aren't we? Not to mention YouTube addicts. We've created thriving industries of voyeurism with television and cinema and an obsessive viral culture of it with video sharing as channels through which we peer into lives other than our own, of characters both fictional and imagined, with experiences both familiar and unfamiliar to our own lives.

Maybe it's because we all secretly feel that our lives are boring.

I know I do. Especially on days like these. Noo-nee-noo.

But anyway, I think Grace Kelly's dress in her entrance scene is just divine. I want it, that actual dress. I'll wear it to my own indoor lobster dinner.

Rear Window, 1954. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

Dress by costume designer Edith Head.