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May 17, 2010

That Principauté de Monaco

TWO WEEKS AFTER THE HUSTLE AND THE BUSTLE THAT WAS IRON MAN 2, Jaime and I finally got to watch it last night at a fairly empty and very comfortable last full show. I was able to park my oversized hobo on the empty seat next to me and was even able to get up and go to the bathroom halfway through the movie without feeling embarrassed about knocking knees and blocking views.

Nothing too spectacular, original or thought-provoking, Iron Man 2 was nonetheless a very good and enjoyable watch. I'd watch it again if it came on TV. Except, oh wait, we still don't have cable.

What the movie really brought me personally was a new-found interest in that luxuriously chic resort city-state where Robert Downey drove a racecar and was met with a very scary and smelly-looking lightning-slinging Mickey Rourke.

Tossed in somewhere between the Mediterranean Sea, France and Italy, Monaco is the world's smallest country next to the Vatican and is known for its Monte Carlo Casino, absence of tax, the late Princess Grace and the Grand Prix.

The country by the way does not have any natural resources. But who cares right?

Just take me there!

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