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May 15, 2010

That Lollipop Love Affair

LONG, SLOW AND SOPPY. I hated Adrian Lyne's 1997 film adaptation of Vladimik Nabokov's Lolita. Not that I have basis for comparison as I've not read the novel nor seen the 1962 Kubrick version.

Moping and indulgence aside, I give praise to the movie's ability to have presented the rough and rowdy Dolores "Lolita" Hayes as a desirable young girl, as she was in the eyes of her stepfather and lover, Humbert Humbert.

The seemingly dignified and straight-laced European professor so enamored of his stepdaughter was played by Jeremy Irons, who succeeded in making a slushy-mushy narration sound quite... sexy. He is Jeremy Irons after all. He made even a villainous animated lion sound sexy.

Lolita, 1997. Directed by Adrian Lyne, screenplay by Stephen Schiff. Starring Jeremy Irons and Dominque Swain.