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April 7, 2010

That 80's Vibe

BEEN LISTENING TO FLOCK OF SEAGULLS A LOT LATELY, having been under the influence of Brett Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero; his first novel so engrossingly soaked up in the sex-drugs-party lifestyle of disaffected rich kids in 1980's L.A.

Turns out, many of Ellis' books are not only critically acclaimed but have also been translated into film. Most popular is American Psycho starring my brilliant ex-boyfriend Christian Bale. The Informers with Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder, Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Renfro, as well as Less Than Zero with Andrew McCarthy and Robert Downey Jr., I have yet to see.

From literature to music and now to illustration, my 80's-inspired phase continues with Hollis Brown Thornton's mixed media artworks of VHS tapes, Atari cassettes, and other elements reminiscent of the New Wave era which I was too young to really take part in.

Oh well, there's always off-shoulder crop tops and leggings.

Artworks by Hollis Brown Thornton,