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March 23, 2010

Those Great Gatsbies

SO I SWORE TO MYSELF I WOULDN'T BUY ANOTHER LE PLIAGE as they have popped up like mushrooms over the past 3 or so years, creating what appears to be an army of nylon-travel-bag-toting Manila girls. It's a great bag. But seriously, they're everywhere!

What I'm currently obsessing over is Longchamp's Gatsby line, which I'm certain isn't named after the sandwich rolls from Cape Town so I assume it's named after the hat or after the protagonist from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel. Or not?

All bags are in leather, with turnlocks and the equestrian seal embossed on the front.

Some bags from the line:

Blue or yellow?
Or basic black?

bags by Longchamp.

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