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March 15, 2010

That Guilty Pleasure

GOING THROUGH MY OWN OLSEN-OBSESSED PHASE sometime last year, my good friend Chin gave me for Christmas a very well thought-out present being Mary Kate and Ashley's Influence book.

Part by them, part about them, Influence compiles interviews held by the twins of the people who have influenced their lives and craft. The hard-bound coffee table book also -naturally- carries an abundance of Olsen twins photographs, personal possessions and semi-reflective musings on life.

It's not the most interesting book but it's jam-packed with some of today's most interesting creative people.

Thank you MKA for proving to me that power can be had and fashion conquered even by pint-sized persons. And thanks Chin for indulging my guilty pleasure!

Influence, published October 2008. Written by Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. Edited by Derek Blasberg. Photography by Rankin. Book design by Rodrigo Corral.

Hardcovers available at