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February 8, 2010

Those Lucky Reds

WITH CHINESE NEW YEAR APPROACHING, I attempt to keep in theme by posting some snapshots from when I was last in China. They're not the best photos but they're the best in the bunch; my bunch at least of the grand-scale, great-walled, ancient and opulent city of Beijing.

The trip was back in 2007 with the company I previously worked for. Each year they arranged an overseas trip for their employees to cities that start with the letter B. I was newly employed then and needed to pay quite a bit of extra to join but since my boyfriend was vacationing in Europe at the time anyway, I thought why not.

I had been to China with my mom in my youth but not to Beijing. Oh wow, Beijing! It's the Asia I had never seen before! Massive roads, massive blocks, massive structures, massive cars, massive everything! Only the people were small.

Like me!

Tiananmen Square
and Forbidden City, Beijing.