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February 26, 2010

That Slouchy Sophistication

I JUST CAME FROM ZARA, wherein I wanted to buy too many things -as usual- that are individually affordable but would cost me a fortune to get all at once. It'll be my birthday present to myself, however, and although I know I should make this an exception from my shopping ban, I still feel hesitant to max out my card and be a month behind in my U.S. trip savings.

So I put them on reserve, and see how I feel about them tomorrow.

Just like any Manila girl, I love Zara! From its progressive style, to its value for money, and in my case, limited sizes that always keep me buying less items than I'd like to buy, their shops are seriously some of my favorite places to be and visiting them is genuinely one of my favorite things to do.

Please don't judge me. Mindless, shallow and costly, shopping genuinely makes me happy!

Zara Spring-Summer 2010 Campaign,