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February 16, 2010

That Good Fortune

I'VE HAD A LADYBUG LAND ON MY KNEE ONCE, some time ago at a friend's beach house. I was naturally thrilled to encounter an insect of my namesake as they are rare to come across in the city. Or in this country for that matter. (That's only in my experience at least.)

Little did I know that I should have made a wish as ladybugs are considered to be lucky across many different cultures. In France, people believe that if a ladybug landed on an ill person, the illness will fly away with the ladybug. In Norway, a man and a woman who spot a ladybug together will kindle a romance between them. In Belgium, a ladybug that crawls across a young girl's hand means that she would be wed within a year. In Britain, having a ladybug land on your head means a new hat, and on your hand means new gloves.

These ladybug superstitions may have been attributed to the bugs' dietary habits, consuming pests such as aphids that are harmful to crops, and thus making their presence welcome -even lucky- to agricultural societies.

Now, you don't need to be in a farm or a garden to have lady luck at your side as these fashionable little bugs find themselves adorning scarves, bags and other accessories from Fendi's Fortune collection, launched along with the Fendi Cruise 2010 collection.

Fendi Fortune Ladybug scarf from