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December 16, 2009

That September Issue

THANK GOD I KEPT IT! I had gotten rid of my magazines last year at a communal garage sale where I sold them all for 20 Pesos each. That would be around ¢40 a mag.

For some reason, I decided that this phonebook-thick one was worth keeping. And I'm glad to have had that brief moment of sensibility despite rushing and lugging all those back issues from our 9th floor unit to the 2nd floor pool area where the sale was.

It's really no surprise to me seeing how much work was put into this particular issue; after all, nothing in the creative industry is ever easy. Neither was it a shock to see Anna Wintour's "human side" because in my opinion at least, people are people, no matter how stoic or "icy" they are.

The big revelation I had from watching The September Issue is the amazing talent that is Grace Coddington. I had no knowledge of her whatsoever until I saw the film. Bare-faced with unruly hair and wearing the most functional workwear, she is not what I expected a Vogue creative director to look like. And yet, only halfway through the documentary, I wanted to be her!

So if I ever shift careers and enter into fashion, I wouldn't mind being a Grace. Anna may be enviable but Grace is simply admirable.

Here are some of the editorials featured in the documentary; texture, colorblock, 20's and Sienna, respectively.

And a little bit of Grace:

Snapshots of US Vogue, September 2007.

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