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December 1, 2009

That Sensuality

I CAME TO KNOW OF GUSTAV KLIMT through a beautiful desk calendar I found lying around in my parents' stuff a good ten or twelve years ago. The calendar featured one of Klimt's artworks for each month of the year, and then one each for the cover and the back.

I had no idea who Klimt was nor his influence to art and history. And although I was thoroughly fascinated by the sensual paintings, I hadn't at that age, the sensibility to keep the calendar for future reference. So it was probably thrown away.

My love for Klimt's erotic, artistic and lavish depiction of women was rekindled this weekend when I came upon what appeared to be a magnificent reproduction of The Kiss at the equally magnificent Antonio's restaurant in Tagaytay.

The painting was "tucked" away at the very top of the second-floor dining area's back wall, and was partially concealed by some sort of driftwood decor hanging in front of it.

But I spotted it from the ground floor patio, a good dining hall and staircase away. Just a split-second glimpse while I turned my head, and I had to get up and see if it was really what I thought it was.

Oh the power of a Klimt! Even in replica.

Paintings by Gustav Klimt, images courtesy of


gentle soul said...

You know what, Klimt's artwork looks sooo familiar... as though I've seen some of them before. I thought about it, and I realized that I had this book when I was little--you know those Ladybug Fairy Tale books? Have you ever read "The 12 Dancing Princesses"? Hehe, I was reminded of that. :p

Rio said...

Rio Jorolan likes Klimt, too! And your blog!! Lovely, Lady :-)

Lady San Pedro said...

Thanks for dropping by Rio! :-)